I had a strict upbringing. Corporal punishment during my childhood wasn’t something i dreamt about, it was a normal part of my life. I remember being put over my mothers knees for a quick dose of her slipper as well as having to bend over for the hazel switch from my dad. It didn’t happen every other day, but when it did it was justified and well deserved. Getting punished wasn’t something i longed for. It was something i tried to avoid, but it was also something i always understood as something that was sometimes neccessary. I always felt loved by my parents. I did fear the punishments, but never did i fear my parents.
Even more than strictness, when i think of my childhood i remember freedom. And that is no contradiction. The borders i wasn’t allowed to cross did widen while i was getting older. Breaking the rules would always mean punishment, but the rules were fair and i never felt i was allowed to few things.
Now, how come i enjoy corporal punishment roleplaying today. How come i enjoy getting my bottom soundly spanked – or spanking a naughty girls bottom myself?
I think i just need some good old fashioned discipline from time to time, and so do others. As a switch, i would say i prefer being active for 80% of the time, but sometimes i feel strongly that i deserve a thorough thrashing myself.
I can’t explain exactly why the schoolgirl/teacher szenario is so fascinating for me. I never got the cane at school, it was forbidden. I never had to wear a school uniform. And yet those two things turn me on like crazy. I remember dreaming about strict british school traditions when i was in my early teens.
So far with my thoughts for now… feel free to contact me!