Do you know the feeling of a sore, soundly spanked bottom? I do, and i’ve come to like it.
After a slippering from my mother, my bottom usually stayed red for some hours – but you could feel a little sting that was left, just a little soreness, the next morning. As a girl, it was a good reminder, telling me i’d better be a good girl.
The switch was harder. It left a lot of thin welts on my bottoms and tighs, and i remember well sleeping on my belly for i couldn’t lay on my very sore bottom. Pulling up ones knickers the next morning was quite unpleasant and yes, you were thinking about the punishment you got for some days afterwards.
Today, if i engage in spanking play, i’m mostly the one dealing out discipline. But if i do need getting it good from time to time, the sore bottom afterwards is an important part of the whole thing for me. I like the feeling of a well-punished behind, thinking about the punishment received while still feeling every single stroke on my sore bum.