Well, most people I know who were subject to spanking while growing up do remember being put over their parents knees. In fact, this position is so widely known that it is, and I believe not only in Germany, almost a synonym for spanking, as in “I will put you over my knee”. If there is one classical position when administering such forms of discipline, this is it.

I have spent time over both my parents knees. My father would change to more appropriate over-his-desk punishments when I became ten, but my mother did continue over the knee spankings for some time. It is those smackings I will write about now.

I remember those moments well, looking (sometimes through a cloud of tears) at the carpet, head hanging down; a pair of legs on the other side, sometimes hanging down, sometimes fidgeting a little. One arm probably streched out forward, the other secured by mothers firm grip on my back. The highest point of the body: the bottom, just ready for discipline. Bare or covered with knickers, always the feeling of cool air touching the (almost) unclothed part, that is now to receive warmth.

And then… WHAM. The slipper strikes. Left cheek. Heat spreads. WHAM, right cheek. My face flushes even more, as does – so I suppose –  my bottom. And then the smacks rain down. Until I am sobbing, crying, promising to be a good girl now. And honestly feeling that, too.

Those were the days, then. Over the knee smackings are not so formal, they allow a parent for caring discipline. Oh, you didn’t enjoy being over your mothers lap, I can tell you. But if you went there, you knew it was well deserved. No matter if you were 4 or 14, mother would do what needed…